About Larry Garland

12558a7My painting journey began in September 2010. From that point I started to find my way through the world of watercolor painting. Taking workshops from internationally recognized artist, I have been able to take the best of their techniques and apply them to my paintings.

Still defining my style of watercolor painting, I do find myself using a limited pallete of the highest grade of light transparent watercolors carefully building-up of wet-on-wet layers of pigment. Areas of my painting may have as many as 8 glazes of pigment, so I can achieve the glow and vibrant color saturation. I will paint an area with just water and then drop the pigments in which allows the color to mingle and move on the paper creating the magic of colors and images.

My inspiration comes from photos that I have taken from around the world and here in southwest Florida. My passion for flowers and birds are coming forward in my paintings, but I love water, sun and beaches as well so I am stretching myself to perfect landscapes. I continue to put what I see on watercolor paper so you can pick out what is pleasing to you.

Professional Memberships:

Florida Watercolor Society
Center for the Arts Bonita Springs FL
von Liebig Art Center Naples FL
Alliance for the Arts Fort Myers FL

Juried Exhibitions

2011  Center for the Arts January Members Exhibit
2011  Center for the Arts Spring Exhibit
2012  Center for the Arts January Members Exhibit
2013  Haubour View Gallery January Featured Artist Exhibit
2013  Art Council of Southwest Florida Coconut Point Co-op Art Gallery
2013  Open Door Shoppes on Hendry Fort Myers FL
2014  Art for ACT Gallery Fort Myers FL
2014  Exhibit Chico’s World Headquarters Fort Myers